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Secret of dance sport success in Italy by Nadine /Nadiya Dyatlova/ Jan 2007
Top 10 in DSF World Cup 10 Dance 2006, South Italian Open 2005 Latin Finalist, German Open 2005 Youth 10 Dance Finalist, Youth Canadian Champion 2003-2004

 Secret of dance sport success in Italy   For a top dancer in Italy is not enough only to dance good. Dance sport is very famous in Italy, so there are a lot of high level dancers and professionals.

  A dance sport association in Italy is very well organized and ran by people with excellent preparation and knowledge. Thatís why successful Italian dancers usually have good results at most of the important competitions in the World.

  A winner has to be winner in everything also in behaviour. The way many couples behave unfortunately doesnít let them to be successful. It happens very often especially where a concurrence is big. Some couples think itís important that the judges recognize them at the competitions and take lessons from many different professionals so they donít even know who is their main teacher. Itís important to have a good name and be recognized but how to get this name? People call it "politics" and usually we say that it disturbs dance sport. But is politics is the same as we understand it and is it always so bad?

  When I asked an important Italian professional what is the secret of dance sport success in Italy, he told me politics, of course! People that have the same interests and points of view create their groups, these groups corporate between each other and create their lines that usually start from some high level professional that becomes a leader of his line. There are few different lines in Italy and they are totally different one from another, the styles of dancing are different and teachers that work in the same line are usually the same, with similar points of view and interests.

  Normally successful couples have there main coach and other teachers of the same line, the quantity of the teachers doesnít really matter to my mind. This kind of couple that dances well and stays in one line is usually respected by everybody.

  Those who try to be recognized better and stay "here and there" donít have any success. Itís not easy and it takes a lot of time to find how you would really like to see your dancing, what style of dancing you like more, to find your way and follow it. May be somone needs to try different styles before makes a decision.

  Itís important to have a coach and respect of people that are around. Sometimes itís needed to dance some special competitions, some of them not, or take lessons from some particular teachers, it depends on what your coach thinks is better and suggests according to the strategy you have. Itís very important to have a good coach and believe him. And create your own name by using a brain well, communicate and try to respect and be respected. This kind of development in dancing is quite noticeable in Italy and thatís what to my mind the word politics means in a good way. (Note: It is illegal to reproduce this article without the expressed written consent from Team & Nadiya Dyatlova)   Back events page

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