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 new  The financial side in DanceSport

/ by Anaximander Lavoie, August 2007 /
    The financial side in DanceSport HEIGHT
 Choosing your first ballroom
competition dress

/ by Maria Chitul, June 2007 /
    Latin Designs  Standard designs HEIGHT
 button arrow  Dancing with the Stars in Philly / by Joe Donato, April 2007 /

 button arrow  Finding the right Ballroom and Latin Dress / by Maria Chitul, March 2007 /
Why Men Don't Dance
by Joe Donato
February 2007

Philadelphia area, USA
    Tango with Joe Donato  Joe Donato HEIGHT
 button arrow  Secret of dance sport success in Italy / by Nadine, January 2007 /

 button arrow  "Do's and Don'ts" of ballroom dance by Katherine Warwick 

 button arrow  Want to be a better dancer? / article for dancers by Nadine /

  The Blackpool Dance Festival 2006 / by Team /

 button arrow   Dance is a reflection of one  / by Team /

Dancesport compared to other dance styles / by Vadim Garbuzov /
Latest Dance Fashion Trends from Italy
Designs and colours for Spring 2006

Written by Nadine /Nadiya Dyatlova/
    Domenico Canizzaro  Irina Novojilova HEIGHT
2006 Italian Amateur Championships

Written by Nadine /Nadiya Dyatlova/
    Langella Aniello and Nataliya Maidiuk  Langella Aniello and Nataliya Maidiuk HEIGHT
Optimizing your Performance Level in Competition - prepare yourself for your next competition, not your next practice

Written by Joel Marasigan & Clara Shih
    photo by Igor Dianov HEIGHT
The dance drama "Take The Lead"

Katya Virshilas with Antonio Banderas
    Katya Virshilas, photo by Felicia Lo HEIGHT
The phenomenon of dance

Written by Vadim, February 2006
    The phenomenon of dance HEIGHT
Practice Community.
How To Get More Out Of Practice?

Written by Vadim, February 2006
    Practice Community HEIGHT
What is the real motivation of dance?

Written by Vadim, February 2006
Comments by Glen Brennan and others
    What is the real motivation of dance? HEIGHT
Competition Checklist

Written by Joel Marasigan & Clara Shih
    Competition Checklist HEIGHT
A Perfect Look

Written by Nadine, January 2006
    Searching for a perfect look on a dance floor?
Competition Countdown
how to prepare for the big event

Written by Joel and Clara   
    click here to read an article Competition Countdown

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Vadim Garbuzov
 Vadim and Kathrin About Vadim...
This young dancer has been featured on Global and BCTV, WTN, CBC, etc.

National Youth Champions, World Youth 10 Dance Finalists 2005 Vadim Garbuzov and Kathrin Menzinger are available for performances in Europe.

Kathrin Menzinger
  Vadim and Kathrin About Kathrin... Kathrin is started dancesport in 1995, from 1993 to 1996 she also did ballet. Besides ballroom dancing: latin and standard, now she is doing some other styles of dancing, including ballet on the ocassion of trainings camps or seminars for some days (hip hop, jazz dance, modern ballet and step).
Kathrin represented Austria at the World championships for seven years in a row. Her latest results with Vadim - finalists in World Youth Ten-Dance 2005

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Room for Rent, Downtown, Vancouver, Canada

 Room for Rent, Downtown, Vancouver, Canada

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