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Learn Standard Dances - Waltz, Tango, Vienese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quick Step - STANDARD DANCES in the dancesport competition order:

 Tango Gold Routine/composition

Long side 1

Link to DC short wall; Chase with link ending; Progressive link
Reverse turn with closed ending; Contra check
Back corte ending DC long wall

Short side 1

progressive link ending DC; closed prominade
drop oversway to prominade DW
fall away 5 step ending DC long wall
progressive link; reverse turn open ending link
progressive link ending DW short side

chase repeat

Hilton Basic Waltz (syllabus) :

Notes for Waltz Spin turn:
underturn body on 3, keep back straight and body weight forwards, pivot on toe of left foot and heel ... of right foot

 Waltz Gold Routine/composition

Long side 1

Natural spin turn with overturn; Turning lock; Weave
Left whisk; untwist, 5/8, finish to center
lady 1&23; outside spin; turning lock to PP; chasse from PP

Short side 1

Natural turn 123
closed impetus turn 123
456 of reverse turn 456
Fallaway slip pivot 1&23
double reverse spin
Progressive chasse to right 12&3
4-6 of natural turn 123

 Foxtrot Gold Routine/composition

Short side 1:
Feather finish end SQQ; top spin QQQPQ; open telemark SQQ
open natural SQQ; swivel SS; reverse weave SQQQQQQ
change of direction SSS

Long side 1:
feather SQQ; reverse turn SQQSQQ
3 step SQQ
curved feather SQQ
back feather SQQ
feather finish SQQ
checked reverse turn SQQS

Short side 2:
fall away slip pivot S&S&; closed telemark SQQ
hover cross (start outside partner) SQQQQ

Long side 2
bounce fall away QQQQ123456
3 step SQQ
curved feather SQQ
back feather
feather finish

 your leg muscles  started dancing together
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Video Instructions:

Slow Waltz Routine Intermediate / Advanced

Short Side:
Weave from PP Open,
Cross Hesitation reg. +
LF Closed Change

Long Side: Running Weave + Chasee to PP, Hover from PP + Back Whisk, Chasse from PP + Natural Turn + Open Impetus

Short Side: Nat. Spin Turn w. Reverse Pivot (optional Nat. Spin reg. + Reverse Turn back), Double Reverse Spin + Chasse to R.
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