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Welcome to Danceway's ™ Photo and Video Gallery, a collection of Ballroom and other dance images. Please contact us if you have any dance related photos, images or video contributions. Thanks.


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Vadim Garbuzov
 Vadim and Kathrin About Vadim...
This young dancer has been featured on Global and BCTV, WTN, CBC, etc.

World Cup 10 Dance 2009 Semi-Finalist, National Adult Ten-Dance Runner-Up 2009 - 2008 (2nd place), World 10 Dance Semi-Finalist 2006, National Ten-Dance Champion 2006, World Youth 10 Dance Finalist & National Youth Champion 2005, Youth Canadian Standard Champion 2004, Youth Canadian Latin 2003, Youth Canadian Ten-Dance Champion 2003, 17th out of 57 in World Youth Latin Championships Singapore, August 2003, Asia
Oksana Latynina
 dance instructor Oksana Latynina About Oksana... One of the most renowned dance instructors in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Oksana Latynina has over 20 years of dancing and teaching experience and an absolute devotion and contribution to the world of music and dance. She is a strict yet caring and devoted teacher. Oksana lives in Coquitlam with her husband Igor Chirkov, an "International Judge in Gymnastics", and son Valeriy, DanceSport competitor.

Welcome to her world of music, rhythm, movement and most importantly, a world of dance!

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