Dirty Dancing Show – Victoria Rafeiner

Show by Vadim Garbuzov and Victoria Rafeiner – Dirty Dancing:

Victoria Rafeiner found a new Standard dance partner Matthew Potter. Congratulations to Victoria and Matthew Potter and all the best in dance!!!

My name is Victoria Rafeiner and I live in Vienna, Austria. I am 23 years old and 168cm tall. I am dancing Latin and Standard since 8 years. I am working together with Lasse Odegaard, his wife Bibi Odegaard-Jung and Andy & Kelly Kainz. I am a hardworking, ambitious and talented dancer, who wants to show quality on the dancefloor. I am found a partner Matthew Potter, who is dancing

Standard category and relocated to Vienna to dance with me. Email me

Victoria Rafeiner is available for demonstrations and performances with her performances pair dancer Matthew Potter. Matthew is originally from Australia.