2006 Dance Fashion Trends from Italy

by Nadine /Nadiya Dyatlova/ South Italian Open 2005 Latin Finalist, Youth Canadian Champion 2003-2004

 I can call Italy a country of the beauty. Italian people care a lot about how they look because looking good in all the moments is very important for them.

  I think the common believe that it is more important to feel comfortable doesn’t suite Italians.

  May be it is connected somehow with an origin of this people since Italy is also a country where almost most new fashion is created. All of us heard names of Dolce & Gabana, Valentino, Versace, Armani, Gucci, Prada and many other famous fashion designers, that are originally Italian.

  Italian people are very expressive in everything. They are usually very open, active, use a lot of gests, loud and the way they dress is also very expressive as their character.


In the dance World it also matters. For example, it’s quite difficult to find an Italian couple using a classic and elegant Standard or Latin dress as it is hard to find an English couple where a girl wears a very open and sexy dress.

  Usually the dresses of Italian couples are of the bright colors, lots of stones and various decorations are used, so the dresses usually take a lot of peoples attention.  Some Italian girls especially who dance Latin are not afraid of wearing very open dresses and putting many things that create a big movement, use long tails on the skirts, put feathers, etc. Now it became very popular to use feathers again for the Latin and standard dresses, but for a few years feathers were not used at all. An old fashion always comes back in some more advanced way! (Note: It is illegal to reproduce this article without the expressed written consent from DanceWay.com Team & Nadiya Dyatlova)