Alphabetical Dance Terms List

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Alphabetical Dance Terms List


an emphasis placed on one or more elements of music and/or dance

Action – Reaction

the action of the male leader in partnership dancing (dance couple) is felt and reacted to by the female follower. Action/ Reaction also takes place if the follower does an unexpected syncopation which takes more time than expected.

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

tempo of the music, how fast is the music?


a brushing of the ball of the Free Foot against the floor

Clockwise Turn (Right Turn)

turn in the direction of your right shoulder


In couples dancing, the feeling of resistance between partners that makes action and reaction a possibility

Counterclockwise Turn (Left Turn) 

turn in the direction of your left shoulder


Energetic dancing done for the purpose of aerobic exercise


is the connection between dancers that allows information from the Leader (“L”) to be transferred to the Follower (“F”) – Man/Woman or Leader/Follower

Free Foot 

this is the unweighted foot, the foot with no weight applied


a fast movement of the Free Foot

Lead and Follow

resistance between partners which will be either active resistance or passive resistance, the leader do not use force

Social Dancer

a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a tea dance, where socializing is the primary focus of the dancing)

Shadow Position

dance position where both man and lady face the same direction, with one partner directly in front of the other or slightly offset

Step Pattern

is a rhythm pattern with direction indicated

Triple Step

a series of three consecutive steps, usually syncopated within two beats of music

Underarm Turn

any turn which takes place under joined hands


a modified version of a common step pattern

Walkaround Turn

the American name for the International Latin Spot Turn

Some IDSF members are national DanceSport associations:


Austrian DanceSport Federation, Austria (Europe)


Asociación Argentina de Baile Deportivo

DanceSport BC

British Columbia Amateur Dancesport Association (in Canada)


Dance Sport Association of the Azerbaijan Republic, NOC recogn.


Belgian Dancesport Federation, NOC recogn.


Canadian Amateur Dancesport Association, NOC recogn.


Chinese DanceSport Federation, NOC recogn


The Canadian Dance Teachers Association


Dansk Sportdanserforbund – Denmark (Europe)


English Amateur Dancesport Association


Estonian Dance Sport Association, NOC recogn.


Finnish Dance Sport Assosiation, NOC recogn.


Fédération Francaisse de Danse, France (Europe), NOC recogn.


Hong Kong DanceSport Association, NOC recogn.


Hungarian Dancesport Association


Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva, NOC recogn.


Japan DanceSport Federation, NOC recogn.


The International Dance Sport Federation


The International Olympic Committee


Romanian DanceSport Federation, NOC recogn.


Dancesport Federation of Russia, NOC recogn.


Singapore DanceSport Federation, NOC recogn.


Slovak Dance Sport Federation, NOC recogn.


Thailand Dance Sport Association, NOC recogn.


USA Dance, U.S.A.(America), NOC recogn.


The Uganda Dance Sport Association, NOC recogn.


the Ukrainian Union of Dance Sport Organizations


Uzbek International Federation Sport Dance Department, NOC recogn.


Vietnam DanceSport Association, NOC recogn.


Slovene Dancesport Federation


The International Olympic Committee


The World Dance and Dance Sport Council


A figure or pattern involving the crossing of one foot behind the other.


A position of the arms formed by two partners with connected hands, which forms the shape of a window.


Yugoslav Dance Sport Federation, NOC recogn.

Weight connection

Connection created by both partners leaning their body weight in toward each other, or pulling their body weight away from each other.


A dance figure common in Swing dances such as East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, which gets its name from “whipping” action of the lady around the man.


A figure or pattern involving the crossing of one foot behind the other.

Zig Zag

A figure or pattern involving sharp or angular changes of direction.

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