Interview Katherine Warwick

Interview with Katherine Warwick. Whether you are a dance teacher, dance competitor, or dance lover you will enjoy dance fiction novels by Katherine!

Danceway: How did you become a writer? Katherine: I’ve always enjoyed writing. I started out in my teens, writing stories about large families because I’m an only child. Later, I married and had six children. They range from age 21 to 9, and since they are all in school, I write full time now.

 Danceway: Where did the idea of the dance theme come from? Katherine: The dance theme came to me because one of my daughter’s friends has a brother that dances ballroom. And he was very, very cute. I thought, “How cool would it be to explore a ballroom dance partnership.” And “Noon” was born!

 Danceway: Where do you get your inspiration? Katherine: I’m very lucky to have wonderful talent nearby in the likes of Rick Robinson, Ashly DelGrosso, Andrea Hale and Luis VanAmstel. I love Rick’s shows. His company, Origins, is fluid, precise, inventive yet completely true to the strict standards of ballroom when they create shows. I attend every show and comp I can, but shows are my favorite because of the creative choreography.

 DW: What was the public´s reaction? Katherine: So far, it’s very positive. There aren’t any other books (fiction) out there with strong ballroom elements like mine, so I consider it my niche. Usually, if I can get a reader to read one, they want to read them all, and that’s a great thing! I’ve gotten a lot of comments like, “WOW. I had no idea ballroom dance took so much work!” And: “I want to take a dance class now!”

 Danceway: The dance seems in the book “Dancing With His Heart” to be a positive force, but there is lots of pressure on dancers Lauren and Chad… Katherine: Well, remember, I’m writing a fiction novel, so I can take some liberties in creating angst. But of all the private and group lessons I’ve observed, dancers are under tremendous pressure to achieve perfection. Good fiction has good versus bad. The more obstacles the hero and heroine have to overcome, the more the reader cheers for them, feels for them, falls in ove with them. So, in Chad and Lauren and Alex’s case: I gave them plenty of obstacles to overcome by the end of the story. The novels go in this order: NOON, WILDE and SAVAGE. Then DANCING WITH HIS HEART – brings independent Lauren Peay together with her old nemesis, Alex Saunders. Playboy, and philanthropist, Alex offers first class sponsorship to Lauren and her dance partner. Without resources, the single mother is forced to take Alex’s offer.

 Danceway: What do you think competitors can learn from your book “Dancing With His Heart”? Katherine: A little bit about the life of a dancer, how motivated and committed they are to their craft, just what it takes ( costumes, money, travel, time, sacrifice ) to get where they want to get.

 Danceway: Your books is very visual, it would make a great film. Katherine: I’d love ANY of my books to be films, so thank you. I love the challenge of showing the beauty and sensuality of rumba or cha-cha or waltz through words. And if someone can read the passages and be inspired to want to take a dance class, well, I’ve accomplished something! Danceway: What do you think performers should be reading now? Katherine: I’ve joined a variety of Dance Forums and am surprised at how few dancers read. I actually posted that question because I was curious. But so many replied that they didn’t have the time. (which I can believe) Reading is so subjective, everyone’s taste is so varied. Performers should read anything that will take them away — for a release, just like the rest of us.

 Danceway: What’s your favorites book/author? Katherine: I admire Nora Roberts and her book, Honest Illusions. For young adults: Markus Zusak’s Fighting Reuben Wolfe is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

 Danceway: May we ask how long did it take for you to get your first book published? Katherine: 3 1/2 years. Danceway: If you had any advise for a person that wants to become an author what would it be? Katherine: To join a critique group so fellow writers can help you with your work. To write and read consistently, so your ability to see and to translate what you see, sharpens. Danceway: What else would you like to share? Katherine: I’ve come to love and respect ballroom dancers through writing these stories. When I go to competitions or shows or catch a rehearsal now, in my mind’s eye I see my characters, come to life. I see new characters, my brain conjures up new stories because there are a million stories out there to be told!

Danceway: As a conclusion can you tell us about Your plans for the future? Katherine: To keep writing. Some of my stories do not involve ballroom dance, some do. I’ll always keep my eye out for the next ballroom love story I can write, but I also write for the Young Adult genre, and so I’m kind of toying with a YA ballroom peice, geared specifically for YA readers. That would be fun. Also, I’d love one of my three boys to fall in love with ballroom dance like I have and stick with lessons!
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Ballroom Dance Novel “Noon” by Katherine Warwick:

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