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International Style or American style – the term describes the particular style of Ballroom dances. In a narrower sense, it denotes the group of dances danced in International Style ballroom competitions. The group consistis of two categories: Standard and Latin. As for the dances themselves, they are grouped into two categories for each style. In American style, the categories are called Smooth and Rhythm and in International style they are called Standard and Latin. For the most part, the Standard and Smooth categories contain the same dances and the Latin and Rhythm categories contain basically the same dances.

The breakdown of the dances used in competitions by style and category in the order that they are danced in competitions:

International Style
Standard — Waltz (W), Tango (T), Viennese Waltz (VW), Foxtrot (F), Quickstep (Q)
Latin — Cha Cha (C), Samba (S), Rumba (R), Paso Doble (PD), Jive (J)

American Style
Smooth — Waltz (W), Tango (T), Foxtrot (F), Viennese Waltz (VW). Rhythm — Cha Cha (C), Rumba (R), East Coast Swing (Sw), Bolero (B), Mambo (Ma)

IDSF Open Belgium Classic Final Adults Standard Slowfox, June 2010:

2010 IDSF Open Belgium Classic Final Adults Standard Results: 1. Felix Teufert – Anne Weber (Germany) 2. Vadim Garbuzov – Kathrin Menzinger (Austria) 3. Danilo Campisi – Julia Burghardt (Austria) 4. Michal Necpal – Linda Boskova (Czech Republic) 5. Christopher Millward – Victoria Bennett (England) 6. Daniel Buschmann – Katarina Bauer (Germany)

Petra Frey and Vadim Garbuzov will dance together in 2012 Dancing Stars Austria Series. The singer of the people and the soldier. Ideal partner or ideal partner? Peter Frey:.. “I’m looking totally without feeling guilty that I can eat a bar of chocolate” over the coming weeks of intensive training and on their partner Vadim “I’m looking totally that I dance with him I’ve already Vadim in dance of the season last seen – and I have to strap on me is very tough! “

For Vadim, the dance partner of Alfons Haider in Season 6, which currently spends his time in the army, more than a “welcome change. Petra was my secret desire candidate.”