You don´t have to be rich … by Nadine

/Nadiya Dyatlova/ South Italian Open 2005 Latin Finalist, Youth Canadian Champion 2003-2004

The common phrases usually heard in the world of the dancesport are: you have to be very rich to be a good dancer and you have to take lessons from everybody to be on the top!

  Many people think that for the good results you have to spend a lot of money or take many lessons with famous teachers. Of course it helps a lot and makes the way up much faster, but to become a real star you have to have some components that no one can buy.

  Dancing is a very expensive and many dancers have to work very hard to support their favorite kind of sport. Sometimes it is still not enough to take enough lessons or participate in the competitions. Some dancers who have this possibilities usually help their partners. But what to do if both of the partners don´t have enough money to spend for dancing?

  The answer is that money is not everything in the life! First of all there must be a talent. Not everyone can be a dancer as not everyone can be a scientist, a math teacher, an actor, a singer, etc. All people can´t do the same thing well. If you know you are a talented dancer it´s great, but still is not enough!

  There are a lot of talented dancers and unfortunately we know only a small part of them, only those who became stars! There are so many great talents that are not known yet and most of them won´t be ever known!


Only those who really Want become good dancers. It´s not enough only to talk or think that you want to dance well, the sacrifices you make, the time and passion you are ready to give for you development means Want. What can you do to become better? May be practice more? Listen more to your teacher? Make a plan? Or change the way you think? The way we think shows who we are. It´s so important to believe in what you do, believe yourself.

  If you like dancing but think that it´s impossible to become a good dancer for some reason, you`ll never become. It´s hard to have a self confidence if something important is missing.. But those who really Want will always find the way out of any situation. There are no limits for people´s mind.

  The quality of our performance also depends mostly on the way we think during or before we perform. Negative thoughts never help. And if we Want we can control the way we think! If the day was not not good enough, or you had a fight with your partner, or any other reason to have a bad mood can be canceled by our mind if we really want. Win only those who believe it is possible, when others say it is impossible and find lots of excuses why they lose.

  Many lessons can not solve the problem. You have to spend enough time to make work what the teacher taught you. Some couples take so many lessons, that sometimes they don´t even have time to practice what they learned. Some of them have a less known teacher, take less lessons, practice well what they learn and their results are usually better. So it is not about money and lessons.  Everyone can be a champion! Almost all successful people in the world had or have a very hard way and more difficult the way is, more enjoining the victory they get! (Note: It is illegal to reproduce this article without the expressed written consent from Team & Nadiya Dyatlova)