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DancewayTM Photo Gallery 2002

Welcome to Danceway's ™ Photo Gallery, a collection of Ballroom and other dance images. Please contact us if you have any contributions

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 David Marasigan & Elena Boulankova  NATASHA KORKH

David Marasigan - Elena Boulankova

famous jazz & gymnastic coach

 Photo W.Fleischer.Berlin - Regina Royce - first dance steps  Regina Royce dancing many years later

Photo W.Fleischer.Berlin
Regina Royce - first dance steps

Photo many years later
Regina Royce dancing

 Stanislav Gutsa & Ekaterina Dashkova  Vitaliy Markotonov & Olga Poliakova

Grand finalists of all the major
Ukrainian Championships

Vitaliy Markotonov - Olga Poliakova
Anything is Possible ...

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Vadim Garbuzov
 Vadim and Kathrin About Vadim...
This young dancer has been featured on Global and BCTV, WTN, CBC, etc.

Youth Canadian Standard Champion 2004, Youth Canadian Latin 2003, Youth Canadian Ten-Dance Champion 2003, 17th out of 57 in World Youth Latin Championships Singapore, August 2003
Kathrin Menzinger
  Vadim and Kathrin About Kathrin... Kathrin is started dancesport in 1995, from 1993 to 1996 she also did ballet. Kathrin represented Austria at the World championships for seven years in a row. Her latest results with Vadim top 18 in World Youth Standard 2004, and Ten Dance Youth World Finalists 2006 and Austrian Ten Dance Champions 2004 - 2006
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